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Our Team on a Mission for You.  Ordered. Delivered. Done.

Follow up.  Follow up.  Follow up.  We work to earn your trust and confidence order by order and bring a sense of urgency to everything we do for you.  As a Business Owner, Plant Manager, Purchasing and Procurement Professional, you have more to do each day than you have time to do it.  We know that and totally get it.  Our tight-knit, dedicated team of dry ingredient sourcing and logistics experts has a singular focus on service and follow up and providing you the turnkey purchasing solutions that allow you to think about the big picture while we take care of the details.  For 15 years now, our mission is making our Customers ordering and fulfillment of the highest quality ingredients and dry blends seamless and drama-free.  Our motto - leave the details to us:  Ordered. Delivered. Done.

Our Capabilities
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Customer-First Capabilities, Deep Industry Expertise and Trusted Supplier Partnerships.

Our unparalleled end-to-end service and industry-best pricing from our audited and trusted Supplier-Partners, set us apart.  We are responsive to your needs.  Your orders and samples are confirmed in minutes, not hours or days.  We ship orders with minimal lead times, and we keep you updated all along the way.  We provide all the technical documentation needed to satisfy your Customer, GFSI audits, and local and FDA, FSMA, and USDA regulatory requirements.  Whether it is initial R&D brainstorming, lab bench test batch sampling, full scale testing, final product sourcing, or logistics related to ensuring your ingredients are on-time and within budget, our team ensures it all happens accurately and efficiently.  Ordered. Delivered. Done.  

Industry Experience
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Our Experience and Resources Leveraged for Your Food and Beverage Business.

We have the resources and industry relationships to source, inventory, and fulfill your requirements faster, whether it is a single box of the highest quality Saigon Cinnamon available or multiple containers of Cane Sugar.  We have deep experience supplying Customers at all levels from mom and pop manufacturers to some of the largest manufacturers in the world. We are able to inventory your products longer and offer more accommodating payments terms to improve your cash flow and allow you to grow your business.  Ordered.  Delivered. Done. 

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We Love Great Food and Have a Passion for Our Business.

We love great food and know how important it is to ensure you have the right flavors to keep your products the most innovative and your Customers coming back for more.  We are proud that our home, the City of Chicago, is one of the most diverse and sophisticated culinary regions in the world.  We live, breathe, and eat this stuff, and we are excited and honored to have an opportunity to be part of your Food and Beverage journey.  Leave the details to us:  Ordered. Delivered. Done.